Military Program Success Stories

Kathleen Lyons

“I needed to laugh. Not an on-the-surface smiling laugh, but the kind that comes from the deep within; the bottom of your belly where you can feel it start to bubble up and burst out of your mouth. That kind of laugh. Thank you, I needed that! I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, alive, and prepared to face life once again.”

– SPC (Ret) Kathleen Lyons, Army, Snow Sports 2015

Tim Young

“This camp has forever changed my life. I came here with a lot of confusion and a feeling of loss and hopelessness. The bond that I have made with the other veterans and their spouses has helped me to know that I am not alone in this fight. It has also given me the direction that I am and have been looking for…”

-SFC (Ret) Tim Young, Army, Snow Sports 2015

Natasha Massimino

“My family has been in desperate need of some quality family time and Higher Ground not only gave us that opportunity, but useful tools to apply to everyday life and our communication with one another.”

– Natasha Massimino, Veteran Spouse, Family Camp 2014