HG Summer Camp

The Higher Ground summer camp is a ten-week program that serves local teens, adults, and children in the Valley with physical and cognitive disabilities. The only program of its kind in the Valley, HG provides a unique setting for local individuals who otherwise may not have the opportunity to participate in a day camp experience. A staff of certified recreational therapists and highly trained counselors focus on helping our participants develop life skills through therapeutic activities, projects, and challenges. Daily events are selected based on age appropriateness, individual abilities, and group dynamics.

At Higher Ground, we value the concept of inclusion and build upon this inherent need by coordinating activities with fellow local day camps to promote acceptance and create awareness for people with disabilities. In addition, this collaboration helps our participants build social skills, develop peer relationships, and increase their own self-confidence by demonstrating their skills. Various recreational activities around the Valley include rock climbing, mountain biking, swimming, tennis, soccer, and dance. Our staff also works with parents, guardians, therapists, and teachers to develop common therapeutic objectives for individual campers.

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Wyatt struggles with self-regulation due to his Autism Spectrum Disorder. Wyatt started the summer in our HG camp often losing his temper and finding himself in altercations with the other campers. Our staff talked with Wyatt about how to solve this issue, focusing on finding a safe place to cool off. Over the course of the 10 week summer camp Wyatt more and more frequently found a safe place to cool off or approached a counselor to talk about how he was feeling before he reacted. By the end of the summer Wyatt formed close bonds with other campers. With this new found confidence and practical skills to self-regulate Wyatt will continue to do well as he moves into a new school year!

HG Staff Testimonial