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New York Ice Climbing Program for Single Male & Female Veterans

Jan 26 - Jan 31

New York Ice Climbing Program for Single Male & Female Veterans
New York Ice Climbing Program for Single Male & Female Veterans

Time & Location

Jan 26, 2023, 8:00 AM EST

Lake Placid, NY

About the Event



Located in the northern region of New York State, the Adirondack Park is host to our custom Ice Climbing program with our partners at Paradox Sports They provide our guides as well as the specialized equipment and instruction needed for adaptive ice climbing. Accommodations will be in (potentially) shared bunkrooms within a local bed and breakfast, which also includes shared bathroom facilities. There are limited accessible rooms on the ground floor.

Participants can expect 3 days of top rope ice climbing with varying types of access to climbing locations throughout program also known as the approach. The approach includes navigating uphill and downhill on snow, ice and on uneven terrain. This program will require you to work cooperatively as a member of a group and support a team approach, despite potentially challenging circumstances. This may require flexibility and the ability to compromise on an interpersonal or group level.

When we are not ice climbing, the day includes potential for snowshoeing, sightseeing or relaxation at our place of lodging. The following Essential Eligibility Criteria has been developed to objectively determine if one has the ability to participate in this program.

Participant will independently or with the use of adaptive equipment/assistant:

Effectively notify leaders or other participants of personal distress, injury, illness, need for assistance and/or break when descending or climbing

Travel uphill/downhill over uneven or flat terrain including snow and ice covered surfaces

Manage all personal care needs including but not limited to appropriate hydration and nutrition, toileting, and medication

Participant will independently:

Prepare for subzero temperatures, wind, snow and sleet by packing lots of warm clothing and layers appropriate for winter climbing

Comprehend and follow safety protocols as outlined by Paradox Sports and Higher Ground personnel

Wear all required safety gear such as an approved harness, approved helmet, mountaineering boots, crampons ice axe/tool, etc.

Who: (6) Veterans/Service Members. This program is open to both female and male veterans with their supporters. 

When:  Jan 26 - Jan 31

What: Intro to ice climbing with Paradox Sports. All skill levels are welcome, no experience necessary.

Where: Lake Placid, NY

Accommodations: Local Bed and Breakfast with shared bunk rooms and bathrooms. and Breakfast

Accessibility: The approach can range from 20 – 45 minutes of navigating various terrain (uphill/downhill on snow, ice and on uneven ground) beforearriving at the climbing site.

Cost: FREE – Higher Ground Covers ALL program related costs

Point of Contact: Natasha Roseboom


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