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HG provides over twenty week-long programs and numerous day programs to
veterans and first responders nationwide each year.
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Week-Long Programs

A six-day experience utilizing Recreational Therapy to promote the healing and growth of veterans or first responders and their partners/supporters. Qualifying participants experience symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Military Sexual Trauma, Polytrauma, and/or mental health challenges. The experience is designed to help participants discover a renewed sense of identity and belonging, improved quality of life, and connection with a community of individuals with similar experiences.

Contact for more information.

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Community Resiliency Units (CRU)

Newer to HG's programming lineup are CRU events serving veterans and first responders nationwide. CRUs will meet for day or multi-day events in their local area and are intended to expand Higher Ground's nationwide reach and impact by championing connection, well-being, and community among veterans and first responders.

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Biker Going Uphill

Idaho Day Programs

Qualified Idaho local veterans and first responders with disabilities have the opportunity to join us for day programs. Opportunities include fly fishing, golfing, and ski groups. Qualified participants may be eligible for a discounted Sun Valley ski pass.

Click below to register for Community Pass and view day program opportunities

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Upcoming Programs

November 2023 - March 2024 Veteran and First Responder Programs
As we continue to grow our programs, our goal at Higher Ground is to prioritize participant selection regionally. In doing so, it is our hope that we can continue to create a community of HG Alums that can return home post-program and continue to build on the recreation and leisure skills learned throughout the program. Please keep this in mind when submitting your interest in our veteran programs.


Demographic Description

• Couples Programming: for a veteran/first responder AND their spouse/significant other to attend together
• Singles/Individuals Programming: optional for the veteran/first responder to bring a supporter, which can be a family member, close friend, or fellow veteran/first responder who is a significant part of your daily life (over 18)

  • Texas Bass Fishing Program for Individual Veterans
    Texas Bass Fishing Program for Individual Veterans
    Wood Ranch
    Wood Ranch, Rising Star, TX 76471, USA
    Wood Ranch, Rising Star, TX 76471, USA
    November 9-14
Veteran Upcoming Events
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We want to thank our partners for their
services, donations, and support that help us run our programs.

Sun Valley Company
Paradox Sports
Beaver Hollow
Warrior 2 Bass
Headstrong Project
Yakutat Lodge
Warriors & Quiet Waters
Kirstie Ennis Foundation

Three Rivers Ranch
Middle Fork River Expeditions
1687 Foundation
Jade Scuba Adventures
La Vida Laguna
River Sage Stables
Orange Torpedo Trips
Davis Embroidery
Wolcott Farms

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Mountain Path

They Listen. They Feel Heard. They Feel Hope.

There is no other program in the country that offers the whole-life healing that we do at Higher Ground. We are the only program that invites the spouse or other supporter to be part of the journey. Together, the pair forms a new unit with other veterans/first responders and supporters in their program. They take on new challenges. They talk.

The real healing begins when they head home. Higher Ground stays committed to helping veterans and first responders with the resources to stay involved in recreation after the program. We also commit to three years of follow-up support. We check in, we encourage, and we help them remember that they are not in this alone.
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